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Bayside Automatic Transmissions Services.

Transmission problem’s can take several forms.

  • Each symptom may have a number of possible causes: some requiring extensive repairs while others will only need an adjustment or minor service. A systematic check-up by a professional is usually necessary to establish the cause of operating problems and their solutions.


Regular transmission servicing is essential for several reasons.

  • The special transmission oil that must be used has additives that become less effective with age, reducing special lubrication, antifoaming, and heat transferring properties.
  • As the bands, clutches and gears wear they produce debris, for example, on the braking system the brake friction material falls away onto the ground, but in a transmission it is re-circulated with the oil as it can’t get away. This eventually accumulates in the filter, blocking the filter causing transmission failure.
  • The transmission solenoids magnetic attraction to the metal particles in the oil causes the solenoid to wear, becoming sticky and seal badly. This affects the oil pressure to the clutches and bands, resulting in sloppy or rough shifts and/or causing transmission failure.


Preliminary Transmission Diagnostic Check.

  • Bayside Automatic Transmissions will evaluate the overall performance and condition of your transmission. Our professionally trained technicians, Denis or Colin, will check the oil levels and condition of your car’s transmission fluid.
  • They will take your car on a road test, to experience first-hand any problems you have noticed and to evaluate your car’s overall performance.
  • Finally our technicians will scan the computer for any trouble codes to pin-point the problem with the transmission.


Velvet Drive Marine Transmission Repair Specialist.


What else can we offer you as well as great service and workmanship?

    • We have ample off-street parking
    • We are 10mins easy walk to the main Frankston shopping centre.
    • We have a bus stop 20 meters from the workshop.
    • We offer an after hours contact number.
    • We have early morning drop-off facilities.


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  Transmission Diagnostic Check

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  We have early morning drop-off facilities

  We offer an after hours contact number

  Bus stop 20 meters from the workshop

  We have ample off-street parking

  10mins walk to main Frankston shopping

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